When We Stood Still

My brother is the space nerd in the family. Months in advance of our one family trip to the mecca of all family vacation places—Disney World: where dreams come true!—he puts in his request to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This is his boy version of getting pulled up on stage … Continue reading When We Stood Still

Stay Strong, Stay Soft

I wonder how it felt. I wonder if he really registered the heft of the rock in his hand before he hurled it or if his mind was already watching a different movie play out—the one where he bragged to his friends about what he’d done as they passed around a bottle of beer and … Continue reading Stay Strong, Stay Soft

The Hopeful

There is no shortage of hopefulness in Harvard Yard. This is a different place than Harvard Square—the interconnected spines of streets in Cambridge Massachusetts that both skirt around and incorporate parts of Harvard University. The school bleeds into the square (don’t let the name full you, virtually nothing in Boston or its outlying areas conforms … Continue reading The Hopeful