Soft, crunching sounds issued beneath my boots as I walked to the edge of the river. From a hundred yards away came the steady exhale of the falls, white noise buffered by the snowpack on the ground and trees. Vermont. A river and a covered bridge. Snow-laced trees imprinted against a morning sky pitched a … Continue reading Currents

Girls Like That

They tumble one after another like pieces in a Rube Goldberg machine—Bill, Roger, Harvey, Kevin, Louis, Al, and now Charlie. Tomorrow or the next day a new name will score the newsfeeds and Internet searches. Lately, I open my browser murmuring a thin prayer that it won’t be Hanks or Clooney. Gentleman, if either of … Continue reading Girls Like That


It’s easy to hate on Boston’s City Hall and the surrounding City Hall Plaza pavilion. City Hall anchors the expansive, unremarkable red brick courtyard wedged into a part of the city above the historic Faneuil Hall marketplace and shopping enclave. Aside from the occasional music fest or when the circus literally comes to town, the … Continue reading Revealed